How to Find the Best Schools in Denver for Your Kids

I work with a lot of clients who are relocating to Denver with their families and want to find the perfect school for their children. Here’s what I recommend that they do.

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If you are thinking about relocating to Denver from another area in Colorado or another area in the country, you likely have a lot on your mind. If you also have kids, you’re probably also wondering about the school system and wondering about where your child should go.

There are a lot of options. Public schools, charter schools, private schools, specialty schools, religious-based schools, wilderness schools, and more.

When I’ve been asked this question from my relocation clients, I often point them to or so they can do their own research. In addition, I wanted to introduce you to a really cool company: Emerging Consulting.

You can find them right around DU, which is right in central Denver, and they take a really cool, holistic approach to figuring out what kind of education you want your child to have. I highly recommend it and I’ve had clients rave about it in the past. If you’re interested, send them an email to
I’ve had clients rave about Emerging Consulting in the past.
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