3 Ways to Help Your Closings Move Along Faster

All home sellers want a quick closing. Here are three tips to help you get there.

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What slows closings down and what can you do as a seller to help them move along faster? Here are a few tips to help you speed up your next closing:

1. Answer things quickly. If you get an offer, you may think that it’s wise to wait a few days for more offers to come in or let the seller sit on it. I recently learned that’s not the best idea. I listed a property that got a full-priced offer on the day it was listed. Instead of waiting for multiple offers, we decided to take the cash offer, which also allowed my sellers to stay in the home for 60 days after closing. They made the right decision by accepting that offer. They could have gotten a higher price, but probably wouldn’t have been able to get as good of terms. We certainly wouldn’t have been able to close within 1.5 weeks

2. Get information to the buyer in a timely manner. They might have questions about a radon mitigation system, insurance reports, and other repairs or warranties about the home. Get those things to them quickly.
Having a sense of urgency is key when selling your home.
3. Respond quickly to inspection, appraisal, and document requests. Don’t let you be the reason that things don’t get done. If we worked with you, we would make sure to have all this documentation and scheduling done in advance if things get done.

All in all, having a sense of urgency is key when you’re selling your home. If you’re slow with things or have some delays, it could derail your closing altogether.

If you have any questions for me in the meantime about selling your home or about anything else related to real estate, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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