Why a Real Estate Agent is Advantageous for New Construction

If you are buying a new construction home, you may want to consider getting an agent on your side. Today I will explain why.

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Today I want to talk about why working with an agent is advantageous for you when buying new construction and how we can help you through the new construction buying process.

Buying a new home is a lot like buying from a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listing—if you were buying from a very savvy, shark-like homeowner. You are actually buying from an investor who is trying to sell you the home while still keeping their own best interests in mind. This is why I would like to go over a few quick points that you need to think about when buying a new home, with emphasis on why you want to get your real estate agent involved.

1. We advocate for you when you buy a new home. The Anderson Group will look out for your interests while the builder is not. The builder wants to sell the house for the price that they chose which is why they don’t want to negotiate at all.
2. We provide you advice on location. A builder may not want to sell you a certain lot until he has sold others in less optimal locations. We can negotiate to get you a better location for maximum value.
3. We give you advice on lender selection. Most builders will encourage you to work with a lender with whom they have negotiated a business arrangement, telling you it’ll save you money, but this may not be true. It is our job as your Realtor to negotiate a better financing option for you.
As your agents, we do your bi-weekly walkthroughs to see the progress and hold the builders accountable.
4. We negotiate so you don’t overpay. Suppose the new neighborhood is brand-new and they’ve put a huge markup of $50,000 on the listing because it’s located in a prime area—this is always negotiable.
5. We do bi-weekly walkthroughs. Once you get a property under contract, it pays for you to show up every other week to see the progress—builders are infamous for letting things drag past the projected closing. As your agents, we’ll do your bi-weekly walkthroughs to see the progress and hold them accountable.
6. We help you set a budget for the design center. New builds are only selling a base model with the base products. Builders would love for you to upgrade everything. If you work with us, we can act as your advocate to look at the builder’s upgrades and choose the right options for you when it comes to flooring, appliances, or bathroom upgrades.
7. We give you advice on resale value. Will the deck or the bonus room be better than the finished basement? The Anderson Group can help you decide which upgrades to add that will help you get a maximal return.
8. We keep track of all your costs. The $500,000 base price of your house may end up being $600,000 or $700,000 if you don’t reign it in and stop overspending.

Buying a new build is very exciting and your emotions can get the best of you. This is why we are here to help advise you all the way to closing. We will even help after with the inspection to help you insure your warranty.

If you have any additional questions about this or if you are interested in buying or selling, please feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


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