Big House, Small Yard vs. Small House, Big Yard

When you are buying a home, there are two general combinations that each provide different benefits to you, the buyer—would you rather have a big house and a small yard, or a small house with a big yard?

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Should you buy a big house with a smaller yard or a smaller house with a big yard? Today I will discuss the pros and cons of each scenario.

Big House/Small Yard:

With this combination, you’ll have a lot of entertainment space inside. Additionally, large families tend to buy larger homes, since they’ll inevitably have more bedrooms. Other options include an in-home theater, a library, a game room, a rooftop deck, or a multi-car garage.

The cons of this arrangement must be considered as well. With a larger house, you will undoubtedly have a larger utility bill, as well as more to clean. And, of course, you will not have much space in your yard.
Think through whether you and your family will benefit from more inside space or more outside space.
Small House/Big Yard:

If you are an outdoor person, this is a great combination. You have a lot of area to walk, think, entertain, and add certain features, like a pool, clubhouse, greenhouse, or a guest house. What is more is that all that outside space lends you quite a bit of privacy. You will not have as much to clean, and likely the utility cost will be lower.

There are drawbacks here as well. Naturally, this combo will require a large amount of landscaping to maintain—sprinklers, fences, trimming, mulching, and so on—but perhaps that is something you enjoy doing. On the inside, you will have less to maintain, but also less room to spread out or entertain with.

When you are thinking about purchasing a home, think through these pros and cons; decide whether you and your family will benefit from more inside space or more outside space. Also consider the neighborhood you would like to live in, as that will affect what is available to you.

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