The 7th Repair to Not Avoid: Water Leaks

You want to avoid unexpected, costly repairs in your home’s future, correct? It is possible if you fix water leaks before they become a larger issue.

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Today I’m continuing my series on repairs that you should not avoid. For this installment, we’ll be talking about water leaks.

Water leaks may not seem like a big deal, but that small drip under your bathroom sink or in your basement can turn into something much larger. The issues get worse, rather than better. If you know there is a leak anywhere in your house, get it taken care of immediately.

The funny thing about leaks is that you cannot always tell where they are. I saw a leak in my garage but there is nothing over my garage, so I knew it could not have come from above. It came from 30 feet away in our master bathroom’s tub which had a crack in it near the drain. When it was full, the water seeped through and down the line into my garage. It would have been near impossible to know where the water was coming without speaking to a plumber who was, luckily, able to discover the source.

So, take a look at your leaks so they do not affect your electrical system, damage your drywall, or result in unexpected, costly repairs. Have a plumber come out on a yearly basis and get leaks repaired immediately to avoid the potential damages.
Look at your leaks so they do not affect your electrical system, damage your drywall, or result in unexpected, costly repairs.
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