Is the Denver Market in a Bubble?

I’m answering some important questions today about the future of the Denver real estate market. Stay tuned to see them for yourself.

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We’re entering the final quarter of 2017 and so far it’s been an amazing year for Denver. However, I’m still hearing a lot of different questions from people out there, such as: “Are we in a bubble that’s going to burst? Is Amazon coming to Denver? Will the housing crisis flood the market with new properties? What’s going to happen?”

My answers are simple. Interest rates are still hovering around 4%, so it’s a great time to lock in a 30-year mortgage. Secondly, jobs continue to grow in Denver. We will know by the first quarter of 2018 if Amazon chooses to make Denver the site of one of its main headquarters. If they do, it will add 50,000 jobs to the area.

As for inventory, we don’t have a lot of it so it continues to drive demand. As more and more people decide that now is the time to sell, it doesn’t mean everything will flatten out. I like to think of this market as kind of a false mountaintop. Just when you think you’ve hit the peak, there’s another gradual incline of 500 feet or so to go. We’ve hit the steepest part of the incline in our market, and the next few years will see much more gradual growth. 

Inventory is continuing to drive demand.

So, are we in a bubble? The answer is no. It’s still a great time to buy, sell, and invest in Denver real estate. Historically, property values double every two years. Just something to keep in mind.

If you have any questions for me in the meantime or need any help with buying or selling a home in the Denver area, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I would love to hear from you soon.


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