How We Help Families Come Together Through Real Estate

Our goal as a team is to advance as many people’s lives as possible, and we do that by serving them the best we can.

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On our team, real estate is like a ministry. 

By that, we mean it allows us to touch people’s lives and let them know that they matter to us and that they’re loved. We get a chance to show them that they’re loved by serving them and listening to them. Seeing families come together and watching their dreams come true is the best part of this business. 

Seeing families come together and watching their dreams come true is the best part of this business.

How do we make people’s dreams come true?

It starts every Tuesday with our team huddle, which is our weekly gathering to organize our buyers, listings, and future clients. From there, we figure out how to take the next step forward and advance our clients’ goals. Our goal as a team is to advance as many lives as possible and help at least 100 families a year. 

In our business, our first job when working with a client is that of a matchmaker. Once you get under contract, you’re more like a wedding planner. When you’re with people going through that process, it’s an amazing experience. Some people find the home buying process stressful, but we devote ourselves to making sure they feel it’s the most pleasant experience they’ve ever had. 

We have two testimonials to share with you as an example of the mission we preach—one from a buyer and one from a seller.  

The first comes from Malcolm and Jean Wentling. Malcolm and Jean have lived in Heritage Eagle Bend for about 13 years. They love the area, but once they decided to sell their home, they chose us. 

“I’m so happy we chose Ryan to sell our home,” Malcolm says. “The marketing has been fantastic, from start to finish—beautiful.” 

Over the course of a single weekend with the Wentling’s home, we had nine showings and three offers. 

The second comes from David and Tricia Godfrey. David was a little concerned about going with a big real estate firm, but we felt that we really had his interest. 

"He worked for us non-stop, and we were out of state, so that was even more of a challenge for us,” Tricia says. 

Our team was diligent and nothing was left to chance. Many Realtors David previously worked with preferred to just show him houses and let him pick them up, but we took the extra effort and extra step to find out what they were looking for. 

“They understood us. They dug into what we liked—not what they liked,” David says. 

If you have any questions about how we serve our clients or you’re thinking about buying or selling a home in the Denver area, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to help you.


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