The Importance of Yard Signs in Denver

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Yard signs are often overlooked because they're simple. Some people may even see them as an archaic way to market homes. However, this is not the case.

I'm at a home we're trying to sell, and we have three different yard signs in the lawn. They all have different purposes, and they help us to sell homes quicker and for higher prices. One of these signs is letting people know that there is an open house every day, another is an informational sign, and the last one is our big branding sign. 

What we've noticed is that just our large branding signs are ineffective. However, the informational sign and the open house sign can draw in ten times as many buyers. 

This particular home I'm in front of is in Observatory Park, and it sold in 3 days with multiple offers. Our signage, our 151-point marketing plan, and our other methods of exposure helped to sell this home quickly and for top dollar. 

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