How to Handle Mold In Your Denver Home

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I'm here at a listing that's dealing with some mold. We're currently remediating the mold in the property that stemmed from a leak when a refrigerator was swapped out. The ice bucket hadn't been emptied. When the ice melted, water seeped down into the wood floors, warped them, and caused the mold to grow.

This video is meant to remind you to empty out your ice bucket and even turn off your water if you're leaving your home for vacation or any other extended period of time. 

The buyer came in two weeks later and found a very unpleasant surprise. In fact, insurance companies tell me that that is the #1 reason that flooding happens in a kitchen. So, please be sure to empty your ice buckets and turn off your refrigerators when you leave. Make sure your fittings are on correctly, and consult with your plumber to ensure that your refrigerator is hooked up correctly. 

You can see how big of a mess this is, so please be sure to take the proper measures in order to prevent something like this from happening. 

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