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Hello, and welcome back! 

Today, I'm standing in one the premiere neighborhoods in Denver, in front of one of our newest listings. It's in Washington Park, which is known as one of the premier neighborhoods in all of Denver. The home is going on the market for only $350,000 and will probably have 10 offers by Monday. The average sales price in Denver is roughly $315,000, so this is just above it! 

The home is a 3-bedroom/1-bathroom home and is about 1,500 square feet! This gives you an idea of where the Denver market is trending. We're expecting a 12% to 15% appreciation year in most of the best neighborhoods in Denver. If you've got a desirable home like the one we're at, we recommend you vacate the property for the first week it's on the market because buyers will be flocking to it. 

If you want advice on how to get the most for your home in this great market, give us a call or shoot us a quick email. Keeping the home well-lit, decluttering it, having professional photos taken, and staging your home are all great ways to maximize the value of your home. We would love to help you take the steps necessary to get top dollar for your home, so reach out to us soon! 

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