How to Avoid Codependency When Selling

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Today we're going to continue our discussion of my book, Maximum Value, and we'll be speaking about codependency and pricing. 

Codependency is a situation where a lowball buyer places an offer on a home, and in return the seller raises the price of the property thinking that the buyer and the seller will meet somewhere in the middle. The thing with codependent relationships is that they just don't work out. When the seller raises the price of the home, they are pricing themselves out of the market. 

Unfortunately, this sort of stalemate can happen in a seller's market. The truth is that you need to price your home slightly below/above the market value. This strategy usually attracts the most buyers and will get you a good price on your property. 

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...and also, don't forget to tune in next time where I'll be discussing magnetism and how it functions in the selling process.

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