2014 Cost vs Value Report: Remodel for the Biggest ROI

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2014 Cost vs Value Report: Remodel for the Biggest ROI

Today I'm here to present you with the 2014 Cost vs Value report which details the top remodeling projects you can do on your home for the biggest return on your investment. 

These projects, according to the data, will give you the best ROI in the Denver area:

  • Attic bedroom remodel, with 95% of the cost recouped.
  • Family room addition, with 87.6% of the cost recouped.
  • A two story addition, where 89% of the cost is recouped.
  • The addition of a wood deck will recoup 85% of the costs.
  • Vinyl window replacements will recoup 82% of the costs.
  • Minor kitchen remodels will fetch you a good return, with 83% of the costs being recouped.

Nationwide, some of the best projects in terms of ROI were: attic bedroom remodels, wooden decks, steel entry door replacements, garage door replacements, minor kitchen remodels, and wooden window replacements. All of these projects yielded at least a 79% recoup of costs involved.

When you're remodeling your home to make it more marketable or to get more money out of it, be sure to invest your money in projects that will increase the value of your home. If you're wondering how to do this, then please contact me or use this report for your own advantage. 

Although these projects were not mentioned above, kitchen and bathroom remodeling are usually among the best remodels you can choose to do on your home. Buyers like to see nice, updated kitchens and bathrooms, and new paint and flooring are usually among the top recommendations too.

So, if you need any assistance in planning a remodel or would just like to chat with me about real estate in Denver, then feel free to contact me at (303) 523-4364.

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