OPEN HOUSE October 19 at 16075 Sequoia Dr. in Parker CO

OPEN HOUSE October 19
2- 6 PM 
16075 Sequoia Dr. Parker CO 80134
Rare Ranch For Sale in Stonegate
4+ Study / 3.5 Baths
Full finished basement with studio, media room
Brand new Granite kitchen and Stainless Steel appliances
New carpet just installed.
Hardwood Floors.
Open floor plan 
Just listed for $360,000

Welcome back! I would like to welcome Allen Walsh, the newest member of the Anderson Group. We are currently at 16075 Sequoia Drive where we will be holding an open house on Saturday between 2-6 pm. The home is located in Parker, Colorado, off Lincoln between Chambers and Jordan.

I want to introduce Allen Walsh, our newest member of the Anderson Group who we are so excited to have on board. Allen says “What I love most about real estate is meeting with you, the client, learning more about you and discovering your needs. Also, putting together the search, taking you to properties and seeing your eyes light up and you get excited – that’s when I know I found your dream house and I will help transform your life by getting you into that home,” he continued.

We hired Allen because we share the same vision: the core of our business model is to transform your life. Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s a transformation, and Allen gets it.

Don’t forget to come to our Open House this Saturday and meet Allen. We hope to see you there!


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