Highlands Ranch Listing & Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Your Real Estate Matters! I’m here today with the Brown family in front of one our newest listings in the Highlands Ranch. I want the family to tell us a little bit about what it’s been like getting their home ready for market. We are about 24 hours away from listing their home.

The Browns

We have been working with Ryan for a number of years and getting this home ready for sale was relatively easy. He gave us really good direction for everything from how to stage, how to clean, what’s important and what’s not. His team was so helpful that we got this house ready to sell in about four days; it’s not a huge house but it’s big enough where it was still a project.

His team was with us the entire way. We are very appreciative and excited to see how things go!

If anyone watching this video wants a home with a three-car garage, 1,100 sq. ft. lot in Highlands Ranch, come check it out 9171 Weeping Willow. It has trails nearby; it’s close to the high school and whole foods. It’s really a great house.

If interested, give me a call! Thanks for watching!


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