Spruce Up Your Home Before You List With Some Great Landscaping Updates

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Most homeowners that have not had any landscaping done on their property tend not to realize how great an impact it makes on the overall space. Regardless of whether you are selling your home, landscaping frames and highlights the outdoor space beautifully while providing more aesthetic value to your home. Sometimes a good amount of additional living space is added with some outdoor landscaping features that not only increases the homes value but also maximizes how a homeowner can use that space.

We spoke with Peter Van of Elite Landscape and Outdoor Living, a long time premier landscaping company with over 21 years in our local area. Peter’s company did the work on my own home and the results are amazing! What struck me most was his penchant for quality service, unparalleled simplicity yet style and the attention to clients’ needs.

In addition to telling us more about what sets his company apart from the rest, Peter suggests a few tips on how to prepare your home for sale – a surefire way to earn top dollar for the sale of your property. As they say, it’s not just about landscaping – rather it’s about your outdoor living environment.

Create Warm, Inviting Outdoor Curb Appeal

Whether you opt for a gorgeous entryway and porch area or choose to create a conversation area in the backyard patio – a little landscaping will go a long way when it comes to selling your home. Buyers will instantly connect with the beauty and see themselves enjoying the space.

Set Up an Entertainment Space

Entertainment is an important aspect to consider as more and more buyers seek to maximize the use of their property. Create visually attractive areas with ample seating, shaded spots where people can hang out and useful lighting to accentuate everything.

Simplifying Spaces Add More Aesthetic Value

Simplify rather than overcrowd your landscaping. This goes for the type and number of bushes, trees shrubs you have as well as outdoor furniture, accessories and lighting you choose to display. Less is definitely more because it allows one to enjoy the outdoor beauty rather than have it masked behind too much lawn and garden clutter.
When Elite worked on my own house, the experience was phenomenal! They were responsible, on time, on point and there was no hassle at all in the process. Their level of customer service was apparent from the first minute and it stayed throughout – lasting in the high-end quality of their work. All you have to do is call – and they come out to give you a free estimate of what it would cost to implement your own outdoor vision after drawing it all out to show you how it will look. They’ll even give you a 20% discount on a standard project to help jumpstart your landscaping plans!

I highly recommend this company and am very confident that you will feel the same as I do once they’ve had a chance to transform your outdoor space.

Check out their website >> http://www.denverelitelandscaping.com


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