What Can You Expect in 2014?

What Can You Expect in 2014?

It is December 2013, we’re coming to a close and we are here at  our “headquarters.” I want to show you where we operate but importantly, I wanted to thank you for a fantastic 2013. This was one of our best years as a company, we worked with a ton of great people like you and we are so thankful. Our team has grown, the market has grown and we hope 2014 is a great year for you.

What happened here in Denver in 2013 was incredible; it was a banner year and one of the best Denver has ever seen in terms of market growth and appreciation. As for 2014, we are expecting the same thing with interest rates possibly rising to 6%. If you are looking to sell in the coming year, spring time is typically the best. However, putting your house on the market right after the holidays is a great time, too.

If you’re looking to sell or stay, we have strategies, updates and game plans to help you make the most informed decision. In 2014, we look forward to our call being the best call of the year.

Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving!

I Want to Wish You a Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone! It's Ryan and I'm here at the Anderson Group office today, the day before Thanksgiving. Just wanted to wish you all the happiest of holidays whatever your plans. We are very grateful to you, our friends and clients, for being in our lives throughout the year. Be safe, enjoy your holiday and look forward to catching up with you soon!
Ryan and the Anderson Group team.

Testimonial with Sarah T. - Listen to Her Story!

Hello everyone, meet Sarah. We're here in the backyard of her new home. We helped her buy her new town home in Centennial and also sell her old home. We had some amazing adventures and experiences along the way. Here's Sarah to share her experience of what it was like to work with us...

“Well I'm down sizing, I wanted to get rid of the yard so that I didn’t have to shovel snow anymore. It was very difficult to find a place and bid on it quickly. But Ryan and his Anderson group move fast. We looked at this home on a Thursday and began negotiating. On Friday I climbed a Fourteener, I was on Greys Peak. Every time I was able to get signal on my phone I would get a text from Ryan to update me on where we were in the negotiation. I kept climbing the mountain and getting texts and by the time I came back down, I had a text that said I needed to stop at a place that I could get signal long enough to sign the contract. With my finger on my phone to sign the contract, I had a house by the end of the day after climbing a Fourteener! It's been great. The get things done now process was exactly what I needed. Ryan knew what I needed, because Ryan and Tessa sat down with me for a couple of hours and actually got to know my wants and needs. With that I have exactly what I want , I've downsized and I have time to play and it's because of the team... the whole team!”

We love doing this work, and this is an example of a life transformed! Her life is now taking its next adventure and we are so excited to be part of that! If you or someone you know is looking for any changes like this, give us a call! As always we look forward to our call being the best call of your day!

OPEN HOUSE October 19 at 16075 Sequoia Dr. in Parker CO

OPEN HOUSE October 19
2- 6 PM 
16075 Sequoia Dr. Parker CO 80134
Rare Ranch For Sale in Stonegate
4+ Study / 3.5 Baths
Full finished basement with studio, media room
Brand new Granite kitchen and Stainless Steel appliances
New carpet just installed.
Hardwood Floors.
Open floor plan 
Just listed for $360,000

Welcome back! I would like to welcome Allen Walsh, the newest member of the Anderson Group. We are currently at 16075 Sequoia Drive where we will be holding an open house on Saturday between 2-6 pm. The home is located in Parker, Colorado, off Lincoln between Chambers and Jordan.

I want to introduce Allen Walsh, our newest member of the Anderson Group who we are so excited to have on board. Allen says “What I love most about real estate is meeting with you, the client, learning more about you and discovering your needs. Also, putting together the search, taking you to properties and seeing your eyes light up and you get excited – that’s when I know I found your dream house and I will help transform your life by getting you into that home,” he continued.

We hired Allen because we share the same vision: the core of our business model is to transform your life. Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s a transformation, and Allen gets it.

Don’t forget to come to our Open House this Saturday and meet Allen. We hope to see you there!

September Market Update and What $500K Will Buy in Highlands Ranch

Today we're talking about what's happening in the Denver real estate market and also showcasing what features you can expect to find in a home for $500K in Highlands Ranch.

Fall is here and I am in one of my favorite communities in all of Denver, Highlands Ranch. Highlands Ranch is just south of Denver and is home to roughly 95,000 people and is only 25 years old. This beautiful community is in one of the highest income earning per capita counties in the greater Denver area. This community is very family oriented with many parks, trails, schools and recreational centers geared for upscale outdoor living. Today I wanted to show you just what your $500,000 budget can buy in Highlands Ranch.

Before we jump to Highlands Ranch homes, I wanted to give you a quick market update for Denver. So far, the average days on market has not changed from a solid 39 days; which is awesome because just a year ago, the average was 70 days on market. Secondly, the average price per home in Denver is hovering around $304,000, which is also great. Finally, over the last two years, the amount of active homes on the market has dropped significantly and what has changed from last month to this month is that there are currently 2% less homes on the market for the Denver area.

Now back to Highlands Ranch where I am going to showcase three houses in the $500,000 range. When purchasing in that range, some things will come standard like at least a three car garage, at least a five bedroom home, at least a finished basement, 3500-4500 square feet standard and a home that will have an open and inviting floor plan. Some bonuses that come from a home in the $500,000 range is the home backs onto open space and mountain views, 10,000-15,000+ square foot lots, a fourth car garage (depending on the builder) and private cul-de-sacs.

My first house is on Candlewood Ct. and priced at $505,000. It has a three car garage, mountain views, backs to open space, has the open floor plan with updated fixtures and features five bedrooms, a finished basement and the house is just under 4,000 square feet.

The second house I’m showing is on Glenstone Dr. and priced at $510,000. What is unique about this house is that it’s a ranch-style house with a finished basement (for my out of state viewers, most houses in Colorado, especially the newer ones, have basements unlike California or Texas). This house features three bedrooms on the main level. Last year alone, 1600 homes were sold in Highlands Ranch - 150 of those houses were ranch style, which goes to show you that this is a rare find at $510,000.

Finally, we go to a house on Fox Meadow Dr. which is in one of the newest neighborhoods in Highlands Ranch called “The Hearth.” The Hearth features some of the most updated homes and newest models. This house, at $509,000, features an oversized two car garage. The home makes up for the lack of garage space by offering mountain views, updated fixtures, a fully finished basement, five bedrooms and four bathrooms in one of the newest and hottest neighborhoods.

Today I was able to give you three unique looks at homes in Highlands Ranch in the $500,000 price range. If you are looking for tri-levels, they are also available in Highlands Ranch. If you have any particular questions or intrigue about the houses I’ve shown today, don’t hesitate to call me at 303-523-4364. I look forward to talking and our call being the best call of your day.

Government Shutdown Risks Hurting The Housing Recovery

Will the Government Shutdown Affect Your Ability to Buy a Home?

Please watch our preferred lender, Giuseppe Battaglioli <gb@fairwaymc.com>YouTube video to get his insight and how they are not as affected by the shutdown as other lenders: http://youtu.be/A8IDpJk3MEM

From: http://www.forbes.com/sites/morganbrennan/2013/10/01/heres-how-the-government-shutdown-will-affect-housing/

By:  Morgan Brennan, Forbes Staff

The government shutdown is here. Whether it’s not being able to get a new Social Security card or visit a national park, Americans will immediately feel the effects. But there’s one bright spot of the economy that stands to be affected as well: housing.

One of the biggest questions regarding the shutdown and how it will affect housing has revolved around the mortgage market, specifically prospective buyers’ access to new home loans. After all, more than 90% of all loan activity is underwritten, insured, or owned by the government and its affiliated entities.

Initially at least, the mortgage market is likely to be only minimally impacted. New loans will continue to push through most government agency pipelines. What will change is how long the process takes, as many agencies expect to experience delays.

Mortgages purchased and securitized by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be unaffected because their operations are paid for by fees charged to lenders. And the Department of Veterans Affairs will continue to guarantee mortgages for Americans that have served in the military since these loans are funded by user fees as well.

But if the government shutdown of 1995-1996 is any indicator, the process will take longer than usual. “Loan Guaranty certificates of eligibility and certificates of reasonable value were delayed,” the VA warned in its September 25th contingency plan.

Where there has been mounting concern is the Federal Housing Administration, which currently endorses about 15% of the entire single-family mortgage market. Several media outlets recently reported that the FHA would be unable to endorse any single-family loans and that no staff would be available underwrite and approve new loans.

That prospect would be somewhat worrisome – if it were actually true. The FHA’s Office of Single Family Housing will indeed remain open for business, albeit with a smaller staff. “FHA will be able to endorse single family loans during the shutdown. A limited number of FHA staff will be available to underwrite and approve new loans,” the report now states. In other words, other lenders’ loans will continue to be insured and some in-house lending will continue to take place at a reduced rate.

The reason for that mix-up: the initial draft of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s contingency plan mistakenly stated that single-family loan operations would cease. The report was amended over the weekend.

The FHA’s single-family loan operations are funded through multi-year appropriations, meaning their budget is not tied to the government’s standoff over funding for the new fiscal year that starts in October. On the other hand, what will be more affected is the agency’s Multifamily Housing Office, which is funded through yearly appropriations.

“Because we are able to endorse loans, we don’t expect the impact on the housing market to be significant, as long as the shutdown is brief,” continues the HUD report. “If the shutdown lasts and our commitment authority runs out, we do expect that potential homeowners will be impacted, as well as home sellers and the entire housing market.”

One government lender that will indeed suspend its home loan activity, however, is the Department of Agriculture. The USDA says that no new housing loans or guarantees will be issued through its Rural Development programs in a shutdown. The department also warns that such a scenario could cause “a setback in construction start-up,” and if the shutdown lasts for an extended period, “a substantial reduction in housing available in rural areas relative to population.”

“The government doesn’t generally approve loans, they basically just insure them,” says Don Frommeyer, president of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers and a vice president at Amtrust Mortgage Funding. “For the most part you aren’t going to see much of a hit in the mortgage market unless it goes for a long period of time.”

If it does stretch on, he adds, the worry will be what mortgage rates do in a market shrouded in fiscal uncertainty and how that will affect the home buying, especially in light of recent rate spikes.

Home lending aside, many economists and real estate experts are keeping a close watch on how Americans will react to this shutdown. “Administratively everything should keep moving along, but it’s more about the confidence of consumers and whether they perceive that the government shutdown could lead to a recession,” says Lawrence Yun, chief economist at the National Association of Realtors.

Moody’s Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi recently told the Senate Budget Committee that a partial shutdown could shave as much as 1.4 percentage points off of fourth quarter economic growth if it drags on for several weeks.

Americans’ confidence in their ability to buy and sell homes hit a record high in May, according to a Fannie Mae survey. Since then, as mortgage rates jumped more than a percentage point, that confidence level has plateaued.  If prospective homebuyers fear that the country’s economic recovery will stall, or worse slip back into recession, they will pull back on purchases, worries Yun.

“Home sales is always the first housing variable that changes so one would see sales declining and that would naturally lead to more inventory on the market and eventually put pressure on prices,” he says. But that would be a worst-case scenario based on a long-term shutdown.

Jed Kolko, chief economist at Trulia TRLA +6.43%, notes that if the shutdown lasts longer than a few days, the first places to feel the impact will be local economies with large concentrations of federal government workers. Metro areas like Washington, D.C. and Bethesda, Md., where 19% and 13% respectively of total local wages go to federal employees, would be the feel the negative effects of unpaid furloughs and with them, tightened consumer spending and weakening local economic growth. Though not all will be equally affected, other metro areas like Virginia Beach, Va., Honolulu, Hawaii, and Dayton, Ohio are areas that Kolko is keeping an eye on: “Whether there is a big effect depends on how long the shutdown lasts, how long people think the shutdown lasts, and whether people get back-pay. All those things matter for the impact.”

Still others are worrying even more about the next fiscal standoff, in  mid-October, surrounding the debt ceiling debate and its accompanying threat of debt default by the U.S.  ”With the threat of an impending partial government shutdown and yet another battle over the nation’s debt ceiling, in particular, we are really messing with fire right now—even if it doesn’t seem to bother some legislators,” says Stan Humphries, chief economist at Zillow.

“But the effects of a government default associated with the impending debt-ceiling deadline would be more pronounced because of its greater impact on domestic and international markets. This will rattle consumers and investors alike, slow down the overall economic recovery and further slow the housing recovery, which is already undergoing a moderation in the pace of home value gains due to rising mortgage rates,” he warns.

3643 E. Geddes Drive Listing – Centennial, Colorado -3,400 Sq. Ft.

3643 E. Geddes Drive Listing – Centennial, Colorado -3,400 Sq. Ft.

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to our video blog!

Today, I am standing in front of this beautiful 3,400 sq. ft. home in The Knolls neighborhood. I am so excited for this house to go on the market in two days. It is an incredible property with all the latest updates including a finished basement and a remodeled kitchen.

Before I go into more detail about the home, though, I wanted to talk about the neighborhood. The Knolls is a one-of-a-kind community. For one, as you can see we are in an island cul-de-sac. There is a grassy area in the middle of the street that really helps prevent traffic problems. This is the only neighborhood in all of Denver that has this!

If you are looking for a family-oriented community, this is the neighborhood for you. There are always BBQs, celebrations, activities, etc. If you are active there are trails, tennis courts and plenty of other things to do.

Now, back to this beautiful home! This home has a multi-tiered deck with a stunning view of the mountains. The kitchen has a peninsula island with cherry wood Brazilian floors.

There is so much this home has to offer. Please give me a call if you want to check out this home or any others in this neighborhood.

Thanks for watching!

Denver Quarterly Market Update

Denver Quarterly Market Update

Hey, guys!

I’m here in front of our brand new office today and I wanted to share what’s been happening in our Denver area market. As, I’m sure you’ve seen in the news, the market is great!

We have data included for you to see exactly what’s been going on. A year ago I thought our inventory was low. Since then, though, it has continued to decrease. The active listings for single-family homes and condos have dropped by seven percent.

One of statistics I’m most excited about is our average sales price. Last year it was $250,000; this year its $346,000! That’s incredible. Not only can sellers get a great price, but their homes are sitting on the market for fewer days! The average-days-on-market dropped 43 percent from last year. That average home is on the market for only 37 days!

It’s not just good news for sellers, though. We are experiencing historically low interest rates that make now a better than ever time to buy.

If you have any questions about selling, buying, pricing, staging, whatever you can think of, give me a call! I’d be more than happy to help!

Click to enlarge:

We Sold It In 8 Hours!

We Sold It In 8 Hours!

Hey guys! We're back! If you remember from the last video we were just getting ready to put the Browns' home on the market.

Well, we have fantastic news. On the very first day we had three offers! Our home went under contract in eights hours!

We had never sold a home before, but working with Ryan and his team exceeded all our expectations. All our questions were answered, everything was handled with grace and he was there from the beginning to the very end. We couldn't have asked for a better experience!

So if you want to sell your home we strongly recommend calling Ryan!

Highlands Ranch Listing & Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Your Real Estate Matters! I’m here today with the Brown family in front of one our newest listings in the Highlands Ranch. I want the family to tell us a little bit about what it’s been like getting their home ready for market. We are about 24 hours away from listing their home.

The Browns

We have been working with Ryan for a number of years and getting this home ready for sale was relatively easy. He gave us really good direction for everything from how to stage, how to clean, what’s important and what’s not. His team was so helpful that we got this house ready to sell in about four days; it’s not a huge house but it’s big enough where it was still a project.

His team was with us the entire way. We are very appreciative and excited to see how things go!

If anyone watching this video wants a home with a three-car garage, 1,100 sq. ft. lot in Highlands Ranch, come check it out 9171 Weeping Willow. It has trails nearby; it’s close to the high school and whole foods. It’s really a great house.

If interested, give me a call! Thanks for watching!

Our New Home

The Anderson Group has moved! We are proud to announce we are now a part of the Keller Williams Luxury Homes International team. We are so excited about this move and the new direction we’re headed!

We moved for two reasons: we wanted to form a team to better serve your needs and we wanted to offer you the best customer service possible when you're buying or selling your home in Denver CO.

How are we doing this? We are creating a master team with buyers agents, listing specialists and  marketing experts. Each team member will be the best at helping with your specific needs.

We are so excited to be a part of the Keller Williams Team. If you don’t know much about them, they care about the most important things in life: family, faith and taking care of their people and clients.

So if you have any questions about us or Keller Williams or are ready to make a real estate move, please call us at 303.523.4364

Sellers Continue to Dominate Denver Real Estate Market; April 2013 Market Update

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Every few months we like to take a look at how our local Denver CO real estate market is faring compared to  previous months and years. Today, like much of the nation, the Denver area is experiencing a very strong seller’s market and it’s been strong for some time now. As we move into the heart of spring and get closer to summer, when more and more sellers come out of the woodwork, we'll start to see just how active things are these days!

Huge Increase in the Number of Homes Sold
In the first quarter of this year, we reported a total of 8,199 homes sold in the Denver area. In 2012 the total number of homes sold in the same time period was 6,746 – so we saw a huge increase of 25% for 2013!

Inventory At Lowest Level in Years
With interest rates still very low, countless buyers are out there eager to lock in their loans. Homes are being snatched up within the first few hours of being on the market and for the ones that do stay for a bit longer, sellers are receiving multiple offers leading to price wars. Looking at 2012 inventory versus the first quarter in 2013,  we've seen a whopping 34% decrease in the number of available homes for sale.

Average Sold Prices On the Rise
Buyers’ increased demand contributes to the continuously rising average sold prices. In fact, when you have multiple offers which lead to price contests, buyers are helping to artificially inflate prices. We saw a 12% increase in average sold price in the general Denver area – a number that is expected to rise more as we move into summer.

For a complete list of our market statistics, click on the links below >>




If you’ve been on the fence about selling – it could not be a better time to go for it! Buyers are pulling out all the stops and working hard to win their bid. They are also throwing in extra perks to the sellers such as waiving contingencies, added flexibility on closing and possession dates or higher earnest deposit amounts.

Contact me today for a customized look at your home; I’ll share with you exactly what you can expect to receive for your home in today’s Denver CO real estate market.

Ben Franklin Academy BENefit Bash

Ryan and Ann Marie Anderson are proud to team up with the Ben Franklin Academy for their annual BENefit Bash. 

The Ben Franklin Academy is a preschool through 7th grade charter school in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. This year’s BENefit Bash will take place on April 27th and will include a live auction and silent auction. The BFA will be using the proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards expanding the sound and security systems, library improvements, software for our technology lab, a rock climbing wall for our gym and adding a Professional Resources library for our teachers. 

In addition to teaming up with BFA for the BENefit Bash, we will be giving 15% of all of our real estate commissions for anyone who has a child that is enrolled at BFA or attends the auction to the Ben Franklin Academy. We look forward to the BENefit Bash and working with BFA in the future.

If you have any real estate needs, make sure to give us a call at (303) 523-4364 or email us at RyanMovesYou@gmail.com.

Spruce Up Your Home Before You List With Some Great Landscaping Updates

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Most homeowners that have not had any landscaping done on their property tend not to realize how great an impact it makes on the overall space. Regardless of whether you are selling your home, landscaping frames and highlights the outdoor space beautifully while providing more aesthetic value to your home. Sometimes a good amount of additional living space is added with some outdoor landscaping features that not only increases the homes value but also maximizes how a homeowner can use that space.

We spoke with Peter Van of Elite Landscape and Outdoor Living, a long time premier landscaping company with over 21 years in our local area. Peter’s company did the work on my own home and the results are amazing! What struck me most was his penchant for quality service, unparalleled simplicity yet style and the attention to clients’ needs.

In addition to telling us more about what sets his company apart from the rest, Peter suggests a few tips on how to prepare your home for sale – a surefire way to earn top dollar for the sale of your property. As they say, it’s not just about landscaping – rather it’s about your outdoor living environment.

Create Warm, Inviting Outdoor Curb Appeal

Whether you opt for a gorgeous entryway and porch area or choose to create a conversation area in the backyard patio – a little landscaping will go a long way when it comes to selling your home. Buyers will instantly connect with the beauty and see themselves enjoying the space.

Set Up an Entertainment Space

Entertainment is an important aspect to consider as more and more buyers seek to maximize the use of their property. Create visually attractive areas with ample seating, shaded spots where people can hang out and useful lighting to accentuate everything.

Simplifying Spaces Add More Aesthetic Value

Simplify rather than overcrowd your landscaping. This goes for the type and number of bushes, trees shrubs you have as well as outdoor furniture, accessories and lighting you choose to display. Less is definitely more because it allows one to enjoy the outdoor beauty rather than have it masked behind too much lawn and garden clutter.
When Elite worked on my own house, the experience was phenomenal! They were responsible, on time, on point and there was no hassle at all in the process. Their level of customer service was apparent from the first minute and it stayed throughout – lasting in the high-end quality of their work. All you have to do is call – and they come out to give you a free estimate of what it would cost to implement your own outdoor vision after drawing it all out to show you how it will look. They’ll even give you a 20% discount on a standard project to help jumpstart your landscaping plans!

I highly recommend this company and am very confident that you will feel the same as I do once they’ve had a chance to transform your outdoor space.

Check out their website >> http://www.denverelitelandscaping.com

Three Things Sellers Should Do When They Receive Multiple Offers

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Remember the days when it was hard to get a home sold? Well, gone are those days and now it’s more a matter of trying to deal with the number of offers coming in. So the first thing I suggest to do is that you collect as many offers that you can on the property. Once you have them, you will be able to decipher the better, stronger offers the ones that should be bypassed. I suggest you gather as many offers as you can in the first 3-4 days.

Another important strategy is to know and understand the value of your home before you list it. Going above the appraised value can only backfire, ending up with negotiations that could end up in the transaction falling through altogether. Unless you are dealing with a cash buyer, the chances of the property actually selling for too much higher than its appraised value are next to nothing.

Finally, before writing off any of the offers received, give each buyer an opportunity to come back with their highest and best offer. Sometimes this is the best part of the entire process in a seller-centric marketplace.

Three Tips on How Buyers Can Land a Deal In a Multiple Offer Situation

If you’ve already been out there looking and trying to find the perfect home, you already know this first tip. ACT FAST! When inventory levels are so low, buyers become conditioned to quickly decide whether or not a house is a strong contender and then they go for it. Not only is it important to see a house that comes on the market as fast as you can but also if you like it, don’t wait.

Don’t waste time with lowball offers. Now, more than ever, it is critical that you come back with your best offer. Instead of taking a chance on losing your bid it is a better option to go ahead and submit what you can really see yourself paying for the property. Oftentimes sellers have no idea to wait for other offers and they quickly accept the first offer than comes through. Depending on the nature of your offer, it’s important to provide solid footing. If you are financing, be sure to provide a strong preapproval letter with the offer. If you can, remove some of the typical contingencies, such as inspection or down payment assistance programs.

A very important thing to keep in mind is to stay within your budget. If you can put a finger on your maximum limit, when you are making an offer on a property – be sure to know what your limit is and don’t exceed it. The last thing you need is to be house poor where all your funds have gone into buying the house but then you are left with nothing else to enjoy it.
If you’d like more information on how you can come out a winner in either of these scenarios, contact me today! I’d love to help!

New Report Says Decks and Vinyl Windows Make Good Cents

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If you spend $10,000 on a remodel, will you get that out when you go to sale your property?   What kind of value are you getting for a new roof?  A basement finish? Window replacement?

Remodeling Magazine recently published the “2013 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Remodeling Report” that summarizes what home improvement projects people are doing and how much they are recouping on their expense. It features 35 of the most popular projects and includes 81 cities.  You can access the report at http://www.costvsvalue.com.  In 2012, the three remodeling projects with the highest return were 1) Fiber Cement Siding Replacement; 2) Entry Door Replacement; and 3) Attic Bedroom Remodel, followed by minor kitchen remodels, garage door and window replacements.

The data drills down by city as well.  In Denver the number one remodeling project that you’d get the most amount of return will be a wood deck addition in the backyard.  The deck makes sense because we spend a lot of time outdoors in Denver.  Putting in vinyl windows came in second.

I have the data on Denver and would love to share the information with you.  To find out more about what home improvement projects make sense now, call me at (303) 523-4364 or email me at RyanMovesYou@gmail.com.

Denver Area Market Update for 2013

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Do you know what actually drives the real estate market? Of course, it’s people buying and selling homes but what factors really impact the strength of the market? Well now that we are well into 2013, I wanted to take a look at the four key indicators from last year that point to a great year ahead. They are, 1. Inventory, 2. Properties Sold, 3. Days on Market and 4. Average Sales Price. Across the board, we are seeing some excellent movement and change for the better in all four of these areas. Here’s a closer look:

Inventory Levels Continue to Dwindle
We continue to see the number of available homes on the market go down. What’s interesting is that this number compares inventory levels in December 2012 to the year prior. This is traditionally a slower time of year but even then, we are seeing a good amount of activity in our marketplace. In December 2012 we reported 29% fewer homes on the market than the previous December. Going back one more year the decrease in inventory was 49%, for a two-year total reduction of 74% of available inventory.

Number of Homes Sold Increased Year Over Year
In terms of the number of homes sold, we saw a 7% increase in December over the previous year and we also saw an improvement over just one month prior. Clearly, as we continue to sell more homes and there are fewer available on the market – we will see trends change accordingly. It will continue to be a seller’s market and this will likely inflate prices somewhat.

Homes Are Selling Faster
The average number of Days On Market was 73 in December of last year, representing a 31% drop in DOM. What this means is that homes are selling much faster. This is most likely due to the fact that inventory levels are down plus buyers are eager to lock in the still historic low interest rates out there.

Prices Are On the Rise
The average price of the Denver area homes is now $289,000, up 14% from the year prior. If this trend continues we can expect to see even more increases in this area. For buyers, this makes it an ideal time to consider buying a home.
As you can see with the trends in our local marketplace, we are definitely on an upswing. The unique situation is that we will be in a seller’s market but buyers have the benefit of historically low interest rates. If you would like to meet and discuss your real estate goals and how we can help make them become a reality, contact us today!

For a closer look at our market statistic reports, please click on the links below >>


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