Judi’s House – Continues to Help Children Manage and Get Through Grief

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This November 15th it was the National Children’s Grief Awareness Day and who better than Judi’s House to commemorate the day with what they do best. So many children have experienced the loneliness and pain of grieving alone or without enough support – as did football superstar Brian Griese when he lost his mother at a young age.

Former college MVP and pro football player Brian Griese founded Judi’s House in 2002 as a way to commemorate his mother’s death – a loss Brian endured at the young age of just 12 years old.  Judi’s House was established so that the camaraderie, community and support that can only truly come from others going through the same thing would surround children 3 to 23 years old.

The non-profit organization has helped hundreds of children through the grieving process through activity and group support. You can request their newsletter updates – just register for their newsletter.  And of course for more information about this great organization, visit their website.

I’ve shared this with you in the past and I am proud to share it with you again. Judi’s House is a fantastic organization dedicated to making our children’s lives better! Join the cause today.

Watch the Judi's House "Lessons Learned from Grieving Children" video below. 

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