A Little Paint Goes a Long, Long Way When Selling Your Home

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You may not realize this but the simple act of repainting the walls in your home can do wonders for the success of selling your home. And when you add up just how little it costs versus how much the payback is – it’s a no brainer!

Use Neutral, Flexible Colors That Appeal to the Masses

So what are some of the things to keep in mind when you are sprucing up your place before listing it for sale? Simple. Try to put yourself in buyers’ shoes and allow them as much flexibility with their imagination to envision their own stuff in the house. How do you do that? Easy. Cover the walls with a nice, neutral color and you can’t go wrong. That’s what our resident painter does and by the time he and his team are done, the homes he paints for us just before listing come out looking brand new and completely transformed!

The benefit of using a neutral color is so that the home can appeal to buyers of many different styles and tastes. Light or medium beige will usually work with anything from Victorian décor to post-modern styles or even 80s retro. The point is to make it possible for buyers to see that relatively “blank canvas” and know that they can easily change it to suit their own tastes.

Don’t Skimp Out on Quality – It Shows and It Blows

Another tip he offers is to use a quality paint brand along with a good primer so you can cover up any stubborn scuffmarks that might put off a buyer. Of course, before doing any of the painting be sure to apply some patching spackling material to smooth out any rough surfaces and patch up nail holes, dings or scratches. Sanding surfaces prior to painting is also a good idea for a finished, polished look.
No matter what market you’re selling in, whether in a seller-centric one or a buyer controlled real estate environment, a clean and fresh home will attract buyers and despite the expense of a few dollars it will work in your favor. Feel free to contact us for more tips on how to prepare your home before listing or let us know of any other real estate concerns you may have. We’d be glad to help!


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