Market Update and Late Summer/Early Fall Maintenance Checklist

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Denver Real Estate Market Does a 180 From Last Year

It was just a year ago when our market was looking at a lot of available homes, more distressed properties than we would like and a slow moving marketplace overall. But today, the tables have completely turned. In fact, since that time last year the number of homes available on the market has dropped about 50%, setting off a series of events that has changed the face of how we are doing business this year.

Sellers are enjoying more offers, buyers are facing bidding wars for some properties and everyone’s happy with the low cost of borrowing that keeps on keeping on. In fact, even though we are moving toward a seller-controlled market overall, the cost of borrowing is still at an all time low, driving buyers to buy now and therefore contribute to the sharp reduction of inventory. Of course, sellers are happy these days.

Speaking of sellers, in some cases we are seeing homes sold within days, offers made within hours and interest generated before a newly listed property has even had time to cool off. And all this positive activity points to one very positive outcome: prices are starting to escalate. What’s this mean to you? It means this is a great time to buy. It’s also a good time to sell.


Late Summer/Early Fall Maintenance Checklist

As we transition into the next season and then into winter, it is a good idea to prepare your home for the cooler months. In my flyer that I sent out, several tips are mentioned that will help you with your home maintenance.

Removing Pest Magnets

By removing garden debris like firewood, extra vegetation and standing water you will eliminate or at least significantly reduce the risks of pest infestation. Since pests tend to gravitate to warm, moist and dark areas, the types of debris mentioned here are ideal breeding grounds for pests.

Pampering Lawn And What Not To Do

To foster gorgeous, green lawns that look like manicured gardens without spending the astronomical amounts of money needed to achieve it, cut your grass high and leave clippings in the yard to add further nourishment to the lawn. Avoid using products with nitrogen in less-than-perfectly green lawns as they can encourage weeds. Fertilize your lawn only when the temperatures are moderate and there are not heavy periods of rain or serious drought.

Cleaning Sink Drains

Rather than risk damaging pipes with expensive and harsh chemical drain cleaners, put together a homemade solution of equal parts of salt, baking soda and vinegar. Flush the solution down the drain for effective drain cleaning. If that is not enough, attempt to clean the drain yourself by cleaning out the u-shaped pipe that sits under the sink as well as flushing out the sink’s drain plug.

Clean And Replace Grout And Caulks

Since tile grout can get damaged or weakened with moisture, it’s a good idea to keep these areas clean. If there are loose spots of grout or if kitchens and bathrooms need caulking, repair them as soon as possible.

Furnace Inspections

At least once a year, furnaces plus heating and cooling units should be inspected, serviced and maintained. Call a quality contractor and have them check all lines; make sure the system is running efficiently and effectively. Replace filters and have both inside and outside units cleaned and thoroughly flushed if applicable for your unit type.

Inspection And Maintenance Of Water Heater

Water heaters generally run without much hassle however homeowners should have them checked once each year. In case of a leak, it could lead to a bigger problem. Check all surrounding areas for evidence of moisture, cracks or problems with water lines leading to the water heater.

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