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Here we are in the middle of March 2012, after what some would say has been one of the rockiest roads traveled in terms of real estate during the past several years.  But as we embark on yet another spring and summer season this year is very different, in fact it is unprecedented what we are seeing in our marketplace today.  Here are three very solid reasons to buy a home now and take advantage of the amazing opportunity out there right now for anyone who has ever considered buying a home or moving up into a better one.

Very Low Interest Rates

The cost of a mortgage is so low these days that if it were not for everything else around us, one would wonder what decade we are really in.  The truth is that in most markets current interest rates are historically low, meaning even generations past have not experienced such amazing buying power.

It was just a few years ago that almost anyone could walk into a lender’s office, apply for a loan and qualify for a mortgage regardless of income, length of employment or other factors.  The misconception these days is that lenders are much more wary before lending money.  This is true to some extent but for the right buyers, the money is out there.  As long as you have reasonable credit, a long-standing (of at least 2 years) employment and a debt-to-income ratio that demonstrates you can afford your loan, you have a good chance of securing a mortgage.

Better interest rates not only make your monthly payment lower but it also translates to more buying power.  In the same mortgage payment that you might have made a decade ago, you can now afford a much bigger and better property.  Today’s never before seen low interest rates of about 3.8% or even lower are definitely a good reason to buy a house now.

Less Inventory, More Opportunity

Contrary to what some people may think, the fewer homes on the market the better time it is for you as a buyer.  Our inventory numbers have dropped a staggering 50% from last year’s 20,000 on the market to today’s approximate 10,000 homes.  What does this mean for you as a buyer and why does this change the stakes in the buying game? More buyers and fewer homes on the market means that sellers will do whatever is necessary to get their homes sold.  In today’s market this has meant a significant increase in seller concessions, price reductions and smoother negotiations to name a few.  Not to mention that many sellers are preparing their homes for the market with renovations and rehab to fix any issues with the home.

The current strong buyer-controlled market is the ideal forum to seek your dream home – not only because sellers will likely give in a lot more than they might have a few years ago but also because the homes that are available are mostly in far better condition.

Low Prices Allow For Better Property

Not too long ago $200,000 would only buy so much depending on the specific market where buyers were purchasing their homes.  But today’s low home prices coupled with low interest rates and seller concessions amount to a buying power so strong that buyers can get into homes they might never have dreamed of before.  No one really knows how much lower prices will go or if they will dip further but if potential first-time homebuyers pass up this opportunity they may live to regret it for the rest of their lives.

A market like today’s is the ideal investment opportunity – especially for people that plan to live in the property as a primary residence for at least 7-8 years.  Even Warren Buffett recently commented on the unprecedented opportunity of investment held in single-family homes right now.  It will not last forever.  In fact if inventory levels continue to decline the paradigm will shift toward sellers and prices will start rising again.
If you have even remotely considered buying a home anytime in the near future – keep in mind that this is the best time ever to buy.  We have never seen a market like this before and chances are many of us will never see it again. Contact me today to find out about the properties that are out there.  You might just find your dream house around the corner.

Grief-Stricken Children Provided With Much-Needed Support at Judi’s House

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Former college MVP and pro football player Brian Griese founded Judi’s House as a way to commemorate his mother’s death – a loss Brian endured at the tender age of just 12 years old.  In 2002, Griese opened the doors to Judi’s House so that other children, from age 3 to 23 would not have to endure the same kind of singular pain that he endured when his mother died of breast cancer.  I too have experienced the same after losing both my parents and grandparents as a teenager – so this cause is especially dear to my heart.

Located in Denver, Colorado the non-profit organization has helped hundreds of children through the grieving process through activity, group support and camaraderie.  Each year they host their signature event at the beautiful Broadmoor resort in Colorado Springs.  With a long list of activities for the children and their families, the event lasts the entire weekend and is packed with things like swimming, golf and tennis plus lots of food and fun. Saturday evening entails a nice dinner and a movie for the children.  This year the event will take place on June 23 and June 24 – to register visit

Also at the event will be an opportunity to learn more about what the program has to offer and how you can get involved.  In fact, I have been personally involved for quite some time, volunteering my time to do various things such as assisting in grief support groups, fund raising for the organization or even helping with meals for children and the facility’s caregivers.

To continue to receive communications from this amazing group of organization you can register for their newsletter.  We invite you to come volunteer, come donate time or financial resources and get directly involved.  The website also has plenty of useful information.
There is nothing more dear to my heart than being able to help lift the burdens off so many children that have endured the unthinkable pain and loss of losing someone they love.  I applaud Brian’s drive and ambition – and I am honored to be so personally connected with this organization.  If you want to get involved, please feel free to call me directly on my cell phone (303.523.4364) and I will personally ensure you get in touch with the right person at Judi’s House.

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