Mortgage Market Update 2012/2013 – With Giuseppe Battaglioli of Fairway Mortgage

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A lot has changed in just the past 12 months and we see that across the board with improved sales figures, stronger consumer confidence, rising prices in our marketplace and continued ripe environment for economic growth. In fact, in Denver there has been about a ten percent rise in home values over just the past year and it’s projected to continue increasing in 2013 and beyond.

Fairway Mortgage is our preferred lender and one of the reasons they are a fantastic choice is because they are a broker lender – allowing added flexibility that one does not experience when working with large firm lenders or small banks.

Here is a snapshot of what is happening in the mortgage environment today:

Low Interest Rates Around For a While Longer
The Fed recently announced that interest rates would not be hiked up in the coming months. Rather than placing an unrealistic cap on interest rates, they have decided to keep the rate low or possibly lower than they already are until inflation climbs pat 2.5% or the national unemployment rate falls to below 6.5%. This means that we can expect see low or lower interest rates until at least the next few years.

Buying Power Still Strong
With the low prices that we are seeing in our marketplace, coupled with low interest rates – buyers have a lot of buying power. But that could change. If prices in our local Denver area continue to rise at the rate they have during the past year, we may see rates rise to about the 4% level. Though still very low by historic standards, that 1% could have an impact on buyers where they would need to adjust their purchase price by 10% to accommodate the change. For this reason, now is a great time to buy a home.

Drastic Changes Possible for FHA Financing
Though unconfirmed, there is talk that the Federal Housing Administration may change their financing program to require Private Mortgage Insurance for the life of the loan. Right now, borrowers are only required to pay the mortgage insurance premium until there is 22% equity on the property. This could potentially change a lot for the mortgage industry since this financing is among the most popular choice for most borrowers with almost half of mortgages financed via FHA. If it were to happen, we would expect conventional loans to appear more attractive for most buyers. 
Right now, we are experiencing Low Inventory, Low Interest Rates and Low Prices; the “Three L’s” that make this an ideal marketplace conducive to plenty of real estate activity. Contact us today if you would like to get in on the action. We look forward to making your real estate dreams become a reality!

Happy 2012 Holidays and Warm Season’s Greetings!

To all our cherished friends, neighbors, family and clients – we are so proud to have been able to work with you and be a part of your lives! As we end this year and turn to the exciting time and events that 2013 holds, we just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you bring to our lives.

We have some really great plans in the coming year to bring more success to all your real estate endeavors. And with each transaction that makes it to the closing table in the coming months and years ahead – we know that there will continue to be new and exciting things to follow for all of us.

On behalf of the entire group – Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, Peace and Joy!

Judi’s House – Continues to Help Children Manage and Get Through Grief

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This November 15th it was the National Children’s Grief Awareness Day and who better than Judi’s House to commemorate the day with what they do best. So many children have experienced the loneliness and pain of grieving alone or without enough support – as did football superstar Brian Griese when he lost his mother at a young age.

Former college MVP and pro football player Brian Griese founded Judi’s House in 2002 as a way to commemorate his mother’s death – a loss Brian endured at the young age of just 12 years old.  Judi’s House was established so that the camaraderie, community and support that can only truly come from others going through the same thing would surround children 3 to 23 years old.

The non-profit organization has helped hundreds of children through the grieving process through activity and group support. You can request their newsletter updates – just register for their newsletter.  And of course for more information about this great organization, visit their website.

I’ve shared this with you in the past and I am proud to share it with you again. Judi’s House is a fantastic organization dedicated to making our children’s lives better! Join the cause today.

Watch the Judi's House "Lessons Learned from Grieving Children" video below. 

Lone Tree, Colorado’s Montecito Neighborhood Offers Incredible Opportunities

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Few communities offer the type of living that the newest development in Lone Tree, Colorado offers. With three brand new models to show you exactly what you can expect from their homes, you will love what you will be able to buy with just $400,000-700,000. In an area where the average home is priced at $650,000 you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much you can get in Century Communities’ Montecito.

There is a host of opportunities in terms of the arts, economy and social environment – not to mention the bustling local economy supported by such large stalwart institutions as the Sky Ridge Medical Center, Target Store and more.

Many new shops, restaurants and recreation spots also dot the area with some new ones on the horizon, including a large fishing and sports themed store on the way soon. The Lone Tree Performing Arts Center is a hit with residents in the immediate and surrounding areas with concerts, shows and entertainment year-round in the state-of-the-art “green” building built in 2008.

As if that were not enough, residents of Lone Tree will also enjoy access to the light rail, a transportation system that will whisk you away to downtown in a heartbeat. Just five minutes from Denver and a half hour from Downtown, Lone Tree is the perfect residential spot for people that prefer to be close but not too close to the city. And with all the development activity going on in Lone Tree, there will be no shortage of food, fun or shopping for residents.

If you want to explore this fantastic community of solid, strong and well-built homes with great floor plans – contact us today. We would be happy to show you around!

Going Away on a Trip? Keep Tabs On Your Home Before a Major Mishap Happens!

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There are a few cardinal rules about changing over from one season to the next or things that need to be done before going away for a short to medium extended period of time. Trust me, we’ve seen a number of instances where homeowners that didn’t take the time to take care of some of the routine stuff ended up having to deal with a LOT more damage than necessary.

Take the example of our client’s home as pictured in this video. She lives in Boston and since the home is currently under contract I decided to pay the home a visit. It turns out there was a pinhole leak in one of her two water heaters and it was a real challenge trying to find the source. When I got there the basement was covered in water and eventually I learned where the leak was coming from.

But it got me thinking. There is a lot that can go wrong if we’re not just a little more careful before skipping town – or if we live away from our rental or vacation properties. Here’s a very quick list of just some of the things you (or someone you can trust, like your Realtor®) can do to make sure nothing major happens while you’re away:

*Turn off exterior water sources – especially during the colder months of the year.
*Check all major appliances for leaks, open valves, exposed wiring or any other potential hazards.
*Maintain your thermostat at a reasonably warm or cool level depending on the season. In the summer months, don’t let it get too warm and the opposite holds true in the winter.
*Address any obvious cracks or crevices that could become a problem in the winter when snow and ice build up on the exterior of the home.
As always, I’m always available to answer any of your real estate related questions and am happy to help with your buying, selling or investing needs. I look forward to hearing from you today!

A Little Paint Goes a Long, Long Way When Selling Your Home

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You may not realize this but the simple act of repainting the walls in your home can do wonders for the success of selling your home. And when you add up just how little it costs versus how much the payback is – it’s a no brainer!

Use Neutral, Flexible Colors That Appeal to the Masses

So what are some of the things to keep in mind when you are sprucing up your place before listing it for sale? Simple. Try to put yourself in buyers’ shoes and allow them as much flexibility with their imagination to envision their own stuff in the house. How do you do that? Easy. Cover the walls with a nice, neutral color and you can’t go wrong. That’s what our resident painter does and by the time he and his team are done, the homes he paints for us just before listing come out looking brand new and completely transformed!

The benefit of using a neutral color is so that the home can appeal to buyers of many different styles and tastes. Light or medium beige will usually work with anything from Victorian d├ęcor to post-modern styles or even 80s retro. The point is to make it possible for buyers to see that relatively “blank canvas” and know that they can easily change it to suit their own tastes.

Don’t Skimp Out on Quality – It Shows and It Blows

Another tip he offers is to use a quality paint brand along with a good primer so you can cover up any stubborn scuffmarks that might put off a buyer. Of course, before doing any of the painting be sure to apply some patching spackling material to smooth out any rough surfaces and patch up nail holes, dings or scratches. Sanding surfaces prior to painting is also a good idea for a finished, polished look.
No matter what market you’re selling in, whether in a seller-centric one or a buyer controlled real estate environment, a clean and fresh home will attract buyers and despite the expense of a few dollars it will work in your favor. Feel free to contact us for more tips on how to prepare your home before listing or let us know of any other real estate concerns you may have. We’d be glad to help!

Don’t Buy That House – It’s a Money Pit!

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Right now we are sitting in the cusp of a very difficult market. You may be wondering how that could be since both buyers and sellers are enjoying certain benefits of the real estate marketplace these days. But the truth is that the balancing act can be a difficult one to manage when it is neither a full-fledged buyers’ market nor sellers’.

One thing to note, however, is that just a year ago our inventory levels were about 50% higher than they are now – leading to a very different outlook these days for everyone involved. With very little inventory, comes increased demand and with increased demand comes the room for appreciation. In fact, for the first time in years we are finally seeing an appreciation on home prices of up to about 11%!

Decisions Made Purely By Emotions Are Counterproductive

But while sitting in the midst of this precarious market where neither side is fully in “control”, it is critical to make smart, savvy decisions that are not persuaded merely by emotions. Sure, you may see your dream home and fall absolutely in love with – but is that all that should go into it before you make the very important decision to buy it? And for sellers, the emotional quotient comes in when you consider how to price your home. There is equal opportunity to botch that up when emotionally charged decisions get the better of market savvy.

Base Real Estate Decisions On Facts and Practical Information
How best to handle it then? Simple. Bring in the facts and use the facts only to determine where to go next. Buyers will need to evaluate everything about the house, the locale, price for value and more. Sellers need to set realistic price goals and work with their Realtor to come to a reasonable number rather than just what “feels right”.

There are several important questions to ask when seeking the perfect home; should I offer more than last year’s asking price? Is a low-ball offer the way to go? How badly do I want this property? Similarly, sellers should be asking things like “Is my price driven by what sold down the street or rather what the market indicates?” or “How motivated am I to sell; enough to offer a low price to generate increased interest?”

The most important thing to remember is not to rush into any decisions – and certainly don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Base everything you do on the facts, consider market statistics, trends and the advice you receive from your real estate agent. Keep an open mind and be receptive.

I invite you meet with me so together we can consider everything there is – and you can make informed decisions about your real estate goals and how to achieve them. Because neither you nor I want you to end up in this situation (get ready for a HUGE laugh...Tom Hanks and Shelley Long in “The Money Pit”).

Market Update and Late Summer/Early Fall Maintenance Checklist

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Denver Real Estate Market Does a 180 From Last Year

It was just a year ago when our market was looking at a lot of available homes, more distressed properties than we would like and a slow moving marketplace overall. But today, the tables have completely turned. In fact, since that time last year the number of homes available on the market has dropped about 50%, setting off a series of events that has changed the face of how we are doing business this year.

Sellers are enjoying more offers, buyers are facing bidding wars for some properties and everyone’s happy with the low cost of borrowing that keeps on keeping on. In fact, even though we are moving toward a seller-controlled market overall, the cost of borrowing is still at an all time low, driving buyers to buy now and therefore contribute to the sharp reduction of inventory. Of course, sellers are happy these days.

Speaking of sellers, in some cases we are seeing homes sold within days, offers made within hours and interest generated before a newly listed property has even had time to cool off. And all this positive activity points to one very positive outcome: prices are starting to escalate. What’s this mean to you? It means this is a great time to buy. It’s also a good time to sell.


Late Summer/Early Fall Maintenance Checklist

As we transition into the next season and then into winter, it is a good idea to prepare your home for the cooler months. In my flyer that I sent out, several tips are mentioned that will help you with your home maintenance.

Removing Pest Magnets

By removing garden debris like firewood, extra vegetation and standing water you will eliminate or at least significantly reduce the risks of pest infestation. Since pests tend to gravitate to warm, moist and dark areas, the types of debris mentioned here are ideal breeding grounds for pests.

Pampering Lawn And What Not To Do

To foster gorgeous, green lawns that look like manicured gardens without spending the astronomical amounts of money needed to achieve it, cut your grass high and leave clippings in the yard to add further nourishment to the lawn. Avoid using products with nitrogen in less-than-perfectly green lawns as they can encourage weeds. Fertilize your lawn only when the temperatures are moderate and there are not heavy periods of rain or serious drought.

Cleaning Sink Drains

Rather than risk damaging pipes with expensive and harsh chemical drain cleaners, put together a homemade solution of equal parts of salt, baking soda and vinegar. Flush the solution down the drain for effective drain cleaning. If that is not enough, attempt to clean the drain yourself by cleaning out the u-shaped pipe that sits under the sink as well as flushing out the sink’s drain plug.

Clean And Replace Grout And Caulks

Since tile grout can get damaged or weakened with moisture, it’s a good idea to keep these areas clean. If there are loose spots of grout or if kitchens and bathrooms need caulking, repair them as soon as possible.

Furnace Inspections

At least once a year, furnaces plus heating and cooling units should be inspected, serviced and maintained. Call a quality contractor and have them check all lines; make sure the system is running efficiently and effectively. Replace filters and have both inside and outside units cleaned and thoroughly flushed if applicable for your unit type.

Inspection And Maintenance Of Water Heater

Water heaters generally run without much hassle however homeowners should have them checked once each year. In case of a leak, it could lead to a bigger problem. Check all surrounding areas for evidence of moisture, cracks or problems with water lines leading to the water heater.

5 Reasons Homes Don't Sell

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Who does not want to get top dollar for their home?  The truth is that with the countless homes that have been on the market during the past several months – in many areas, just getting an offer is great news.  But regardless of your location, it is important to avoid making mistakes that could cost you the sale of your home.  Here are five things that sellers do wrong (and what you can do right) that end up in an unsold house.

You want as much money as you can but that ends up backfiring when homeowners overprice.  The priceshould be set at middle or low end of the range for your home to be able to sell.  It’s important to review area comparable sales to gauge what other homes in the same neighborhood have recently sold for.  Overpricing helps other homes in the neighborhood sell and it also slows down your offers.

Staging and Photographs
Staging has become more popular – arranging furniture and removing personal items from the house.  It allows buyers to look at the home with a blank slate and be able to envision their own lifestyle in the home. Another benefit of this is that the home’s features will be in plain view for buyers rather than being buried beneath mountains of the seller’s stuff.  High quality photographs are another part of effectively selling a home.  Almost all buyers begin their property search on the Internet and photos are pivotal to the process. 

Access to Property
Restricted access to the property will hinder successful sales because buyers will not be able to get in and see the home on their own schedule.  If you have a busy schedule that may seem difficult to work around, meet and discuss alternatives with your Realtor such as installing a lock box on the front door or setting up specific blocks of time each week that allow for some level of predictability without sacrificing accessibility to your home.

Attendance of Seller at Showing
One of the cardinal rules of real estate transactions during showings is that the seller must not be present while the buyer is reviewing the property.  If you happen to be present when a buyer shows up, leave quickly and do not interact with the buyer or their agent.  If that is not possible for some reason, make yourself as scarce as possible by either going to an area of the home that they have already looked at or go outside for a little while. 

Rejecting First Offer
The first offer you get on your property is usually the best offer you will get on your property.  It is important to look at that first offer as your best one and keep in mind that the longer the home remains on the market, the lower the offers are going to get.  Offers come in between 15 to 20 percent lower than the asking price but the home usually sells within about 5 to 10 percent of the asking price.

If you would like us to review your home and provide suggestions on how you can improve your chances for a successful sale, contact us today!

What is the COST vs. VALUE for Remodeling Your Home?

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Click here to see the Remodeling Value Report mentioned in the video >>

Real estate in Denver has been going through a series of changes lately – and I am pleased to report they are welcome changes.  After what seems like an eternity, we are finally seeing sales go up, inventory going down and affordable mortgages still very much available.  What this means is that buyers can still find great deals while sellers are enjoying more attention and consequently multiple bids on their properties.

Denver Marketplace Seeing Positive Shift

The number of sold homes reported is up 13% from the same time last year with 3,800 homes sold as of April 2012.  With 10,000 active listings on the market, inventory is down by 42% versus last year’s figures, indicating a stabilizing market.  Buyers remain active given the record-setting low interest rates that are still available despite what seems to be a recovering economy.  As a result, many homes continue to go under contact in the greater Denver area.

Up 19% from last year, there were 5,600 homes that have gone under contract so far this year.  The good news continues with the average Days On Market figure dropping 19% from the previous year, with the current average days it takes to sell a home being less than 90 days.  The average sold price is inching upward too, with the current median price at $275,000 – up 10% from last year’s numbers and up 6% from just last month.

These changing trends are welcome news to everyone and they have opened up the path to success for many sellers that were otherwise wary of selling in an uncertain market.  Most sellers are receiving multiple offers on their homes within the first two weeks of listing – adding to their confidence in an upward trend that soon might very well mean an increase in home values.

One of the main things that result in selling success is the ability for sellers to set their property apart from others in the area.  What this means is that their home is priced right, presented well and has desirable amenities or features.  A common practice among many sellers before they list their home is to rehabilitate areas of the home that need repair, enhance existing structure or add new features entirely.

Significant Returns on Investment When Remodeling Prior to Sale

Before you delve into renovating your home it is a good idea to consult with a professional to learn of areas that will yield better returns on your investment.  On this blog, below is a link to a report that shares the aspects of a home that will yield the most return – and it is broken down by price category.  For mid-level priced homes the most sought-after updates are usually in the bathrooms and additional bedrooms.  The percentage return, according to the report, can be as high as 53% or more depending on your renovation.  Upscale homes are also seeing significant returns on renovation investments.  Bathrooms and kitchens are the main areas of focus in these homes with an expected return of 52% for a bathroom addition, 62% for a major kitchen remodel and 71% for a minor kitchen remodel. For more details, access the report directly here.
Before you embark on any major changes to your home it may be a good idea to consult with us for a walk-through on your property.  With years of experience being able to recognize exactly what buyers will be more inclined to respond favorably to, we can help you determine what changes you would most benefit from in the home.

As always, our success is in your success and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

Staging the Perfect Home

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If you are in the market to buy or sell a home, chances are you spend some time watching HGTV reruns of House Hunters.  Ever notice the look on prospective buyers’ faces as they walk through the really dumpy properties?  The fact is that so many people neglect to prepare their properties before showing it to potential buyers.  Overstuffed closets, stained carpets, dirty bathrooms, dull kitchens and family rooms with so much junk scattered all over the place that the buyers can barely see the space – all these things are a huge hindrance to selling successfully.

This week we just listed a home for one of our clients and the way they set up their space is perfect.  As you can see in the video, the homeowners have taken the time to arrange furniture in a way that highlights the home’s gorgeous features and open floor plan.  Plenty of tasteful accessories have been used to dot the space with color, interest and life.  There are even some touches of their personal life, though not overdone by any means. 

The key to preparing a show-ready home is to put yourself in the buyers’ eyes.  Going back to House Hunters episodes – how many times did buyers’ eyes light up when they walked into an open, well-lit home that was obviously cared for by its owners?  And if you pay attention, you’ll notice that more often than not, the homes that don’t seem to cared for by their owners are usually the ones that get passed up.

Tips on How to Make Sure Your Property Shows Well

Nothing turns off buyers more than a home that is dirty.  As they walk through the house they are imagining living there but dirty bathrooms, unclean windows, or unkempt rooms are unattractive.  Rather than risk buyers only remember that aspect of your home, make sure you clean the space, have carpets professionally steam cleaned, power wash windows, clear up driveways and make the home presentable.

Clutter acts as an obstacle that does not allow buyers to see the actual features of your home.  If possible, box up things like extra shoes, overflowing closets, unkempt toys or messy areas in the home.  Keeping the space clear of clutter will not only make the space inviting, it will also allow the prospective owners to imagine their own things in the space.  A common turnoff that many sellers neglect to take care of before showing their home is a fridge filled with personal notes, pictures, schedules and other traces of the current family’s life. 

If your home’s best feature is the great room, be sure to emphasize it bylighting it well and clearing all to and from areas for easy flow through access.  If the large backyard is a favorite selling feature, remove all leaves and landscaping clutter.  It is important not to ignore maintenance details such as mowing the lawn or tidying up the hedges.

How you set up your home will have a major impact on how it is received.  By setting up the furniture and arranging other items in a way that highlights the desirable aspects of your home while working with the space encompassing the area, buyers will want to see more.
Imagine your home is going to be photographed for a magazine.  What would you do to prepare before the photographer arrived?

Buy Now and Join the Ranks of Countless Americans Living the Dream

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Here we are in the middle of March 2012, after what some would say has been one of the rockiest roads traveled in terms of real estate during the past several years.  But as we embark on yet another spring and summer season this year is very different, in fact it is unprecedented what we are seeing in our marketplace today.  Here are three very solid reasons to buy a home now and take advantage of the amazing opportunity out there right now for anyone who has ever considered buying a home or moving up into a better one.

Very Low Interest Rates

The cost of a mortgage is so low these days that if it were not for everything else around us, one would wonder what decade we are really in.  The truth is that in most markets current interest rates are historically low, meaning even generations past have not experienced such amazing buying power.

It was just a few years ago that almost anyone could walk into a lender’s office, apply for a loan and qualify for a mortgage regardless of income, length of employment or other factors.  The misconception these days is that lenders are much more wary before lending money.  This is true to some extent but for the right buyers, the money is out there.  As long as you have reasonable credit, a long-standing (of at least 2 years) employment and a debt-to-income ratio that demonstrates you can afford your loan, you have a good chance of securing a mortgage.

Better interest rates not only make your monthly payment lower but it also translates to more buying power.  In the same mortgage payment that you might have made a decade ago, you can now afford a much bigger and better property.  Today’s never before seen low interest rates of about 3.8% or even lower are definitely a good reason to buy a house now.

Less Inventory, More Opportunity

Contrary to what some people may think, the fewer homes on the market the better time it is for you as a buyer.  Our inventory numbers have dropped a staggering 50% from last year’s 20,000 on the market to today’s approximate 10,000 homes.  What does this mean for you as a buyer and why does this change the stakes in the buying game? More buyers and fewer homes on the market means that sellers will do whatever is necessary to get their homes sold.  In today’s market this has meant a significant increase in seller concessions, price reductions and smoother negotiations to name a few.  Not to mention that many sellers are preparing their homes for the market with renovations and rehab to fix any issues with the home.

The current strong buyer-controlled market is the ideal forum to seek your dream home – not only because sellers will likely give in a lot more than they might have a few years ago but also because the homes that are available are mostly in far better condition.

Low Prices Allow For Better Property

Not too long ago $200,000 would only buy so much depending on the specific market where buyers were purchasing their homes.  But today’s low home prices coupled with low interest rates and seller concessions amount to a buying power so strong that buyers can get into homes they might never have dreamed of before.  No one really knows how much lower prices will go or if they will dip further but if potential first-time homebuyers pass up this opportunity they may live to regret it for the rest of their lives.

A market like today’s is the ideal investment opportunity – especially for people that plan to live in the property as a primary residence for at least 7-8 years.  Even Warren Buffett recently commented on the unprecedented opportunity of investment held in single-family homes right now.  It will not last forever.  In fact if inventory levels continue to decline the paradigm will shift toward sellers and prices will start rising again.
If you have even remotely considered buying a home anytime in the near future – keep in mind that this is the best time ever to buy.  We have never seen a market like this before and chances are many of us will never see it again. Contact me today to find out about the properties that are out there.  You might just find your dream house around the corner.

Grief-Stricken Children Provided With Much-Needed Support at Judi’s House

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Former college MVP and pro football player Brian Griese founded Judi’s House as a way to commemorate his mother’s death – a loss Brian endured at the tender age of just 12 years old.  In 2002, Griese opened the doors to Judi’s House so that other children, from age 3 to 23 would not have to endure the same kind of singular pain that he endured when his mother died of breast cancer.  I too have experienced the same after losing both my parents and grandparents as a teenager – so this cause is especially dear to my heart.

Located in Denver, Colorado the non-profit organization has helped hundreds of children through the grieving process through activity, group support and camaraderie.  Each year they host their signature event at the beautiful Broadmoor resort in Colorado Springs.  With a long list of activities for the children and their families, the event lasts the entire weekend and is packed with things like swimming, golf and tennis plus lots of food and fun. Saturday evening entails a nice dinner and a movie for the children.  This year the event will take place on June 23 and June 24 – to register visit

Also at the event will be an opportunity to learn more about what the program has to offer and how you can get involved.  In fact, I have been personally involved for quite some time, volunteering my time to do various things such as assisting in grief support groups, fund raising for the organization or even helping with meals for children and the facility’s caregivers.

To continue to receive communications from this amazing group of organization you can register for their newsletter.  We invite you to come volunteer, come donate time or financial resources and get directly involved.  The website also has plenty of useful information.
There is nothing more dear to my heart than being able to help lift the burdens off so many children that have endured the unthinkable pain and loss of losing someone they love.  I applaud Brian’s drive and ambition – and I am honored to be so personally connected with this organization.  If you want to get involved, please feel free to call me directly on my cell phone (303.523.4364) and I will personally ensure you get in touch with the right person at Judi’s House.

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